TC75 Preferred Network Selection settings

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Issue / Question

Sim socket selection and Network & Band Preference UI are disabled.

TC75 Preferred Network Selection is not described in the TC75 Integrator Guide.

Applicable To

only TC75

Resolution / Answer

TC75  rev A KitKat v01104 comes with Nano SimSocket enabled as default. If you want to use Mini Simcard, the UI needs to be enabled with a special WWAN_UI.CONF file.



  1. Download the WWAN Configuration
  2. Copy the WWAN_UI.conf file to the root on the microSD card or Internal Storage.
  3. To set the default SIM slot, select Settings > More > Cellular networks > SIM socket selection.

WWAN_UI.CONF contains this text:

# SIM socket selection UI (0: disable; 1: enable)
EnableSIMSocket 1
# Technology preferences selection (0: disable; 1: enable)
EnableTechnologyPref 1
# Band preferences selection (0: disable; 1: enable)
EnableBandPref 1


  • SIM socket selection UI (Default SIM slot)
The TC75 contains three SIM slots you can use for installing up to three SIM cards. After installing the SIM cards, you can select the default SIM card that the device uses.
To set the default SIM slot, select Settings > More ... > Mobile networks > SIM socket selection.


  • Technology preferences selection (Preferred Network Selection)
Once configured, the user can select the network mode.
To set the preferred network, select Settings > More ... > Mobile networks > Preferred network type.


  • Band preferences selection
Band Preferences once configured, the user can specify which GSM bands are used in your network.
Select Settings > More ... > Mobile networks > Band preferences. Click one or more band names. A checkmark appears next to the selected bands. Click Save.

+ Applicable Products

  • TC75x