TC75 SIM UI ENABLE to allow selecting Sim Socket and Configure Network Preference

Article ID: 42264711


TC75 v01104 comes with Nano SimSocket enabled as default, but if customer want to use Mini Simcard, the UI needs to be enabled with special WWAN_UI.CONF file.

Root Cause


Sim socket selection and Network Preference UI is disabled



Create in notepad a file with this exact file name "WWAN_UI.CONF" and this content:

# SIM socket selection UI (0: disable; 1: enable)
EnableSIMSocket 1
# Technology preferences selection (0: disable; 1: enable)
EnableTechnologyPref 1

Push file to Device: WWAN UI config file location:

  • Device without external sdcard : Please push WWAN_UI.conf  into /storage/sdcard1
  • Device with external sdcard : Please push WWAN_UI.conf  into /storage/sdcard0

WWAN_UI.CONF will enable the GUI,  goto Settings / More... / Mobile Networks and two additional selections are visible

  • Sim Socket Selection  ( mini SIM - nano SIM 1 - nano SIM 2 )       nano SIM 1 is default
  • Preferred Network type ( WCDMA/LTE - LTE only - Automatic - GSM/WCDMA - WCDMA only - GSM only - GSM/LTE )    Automatic is default