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This article covers the new licensing process for TekTerm Server software

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TekTerm Server



Starting with version 7.0.40677 of the TekTerm Server (previously known as CommServer) software, the way in which the s/w gets licensed has changed. Whereas the process was previously invoked during the install wizard, the process now occurs after install.

Once the TekTerm Server s/w is  installed, there will be a "Motorola Solutions" folder off the Start Menu.  Under that folder there will be a "TekTerm Server Register License" link

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 For TekTerm Server 8.0.42579  and above the path is Start\TekTermServer\TekTerm Server Register License

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In either case, launch the "TekTerm Server Register License" link to license the TekTerm Server

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Enter your key and press the "Install" button.




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