Update or Reload MT20X0 Operating System

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Issue / Question

How can I reload or update my MT20X0’s operating system?

Applicable To

MT2070, MT2090 and STB2000

Resolution / Answer


1. Windows Mobile Device Center Software. This is used to transfer the OS Update files from your PC to the scanner. See below for links for Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8

64 bit - Microsoft Driver Download Site  Read More>>

32 bit - Microsoft Driver Download Site  Read More>>

2. STB2000-C10017R cradle, USB Cable (P/N: CBA-U01-S07ZAR), and a power supply (P/N: PWRS-14000-251R OR PWR-BGA12V50W0WW with CBL-DC-375A1-01 and 23844-00-00R) If the correct cradle is not available you can plug the USB cable (P/N: CBA-U01-S07ZAR) directly into the bottom of the MT20X0 scanner. Please be advised that it may be difficult to remove the cable after you connect it into the bottom of the handheld scanner. Be sure to have a small flat head screwdriver or paper clip to assist you in removing the cable when finished. For applications where the cable is frequently removed an optional part (P/N KT-131998-05R) is available to facilitate the easy removal of the cable.

3. An account on  Zebra.com (if you do not have an account, please create one.) Click here for Zebra.com Read More>>

4. OS Update files. See below for links 

MT2070 - MT2070_OS Read More>>

MT2090 – MT2090 OS Read More>>

Before you begin:

1.Insert the MT20x0 into the STB2000 cradle or plug the data cable into the bottom of the MT20x0 handle.If you are using the cable at the bottom of the hand set, please go into Scan Item from the Home Screen and scan the barcode below.

User-added image

2.Open Windows Explorer on your computer (Windows key + E).

3. Click on Computer (Windows Vista/7) or This PC (Windows 8+)

4. Find the MT20X0 device under the portable devices section (see below)

User-added image

5. Double click on the Icon to access the scanner from your PC. Your screen should look like the picture below. (Note: If you do not have any custom applications that you wish to copy back to the device after the update, you may skip to step 10.)

User-added image

6 Go into the Application folder/partition on the MT20X0. Copy all files (CTRL + A then CTRL +C)

7. On the PC, open a new Windows Explorer window (Windows key + E).

8. On the PC, create a folder in your Documents directory called “MT2000 Application

9. On the PC, navigate to the “MT2000 Application” folder, and press CTRL V to paste/save the files.

10. On the MT20x0, go back into the Application folder/partition. Select all files (CTRL + A) and then press delete on your keyboard.

11. On the PC, click the back button on Windows Explorer.

12. Double click the \ directory.

13. Select all files (CTRL + A) and then press delete. A few dialog boxes will come up. Answer Yes to All or Skip All when the dialog boxes appear. They may appear a few times.

You are now ready to begin the OS Update.

Starting the OS Update:

1. Unzip the OS Update file to your Desktop or other easily accessible location

2. Navigate to the OS_Update_MT2090_1.XX.XX folder or the OSUpdate_MT2070_01.XX.XX folder.

3. Double click the ActiveSyncOSUpdateMT2070.bat or the ActiveSyncOSUpdateMT2090.bat file

4. A black command window (DOS window) will appear and begin to copy files over to your device.

5. When the black window disappears, check the display on the scanner to make sure a gray window with the title OS UPDATE ROM is displayed. You may need to press the trigger to wake up the device.

Do not remove the device from the cradle or remove the data cable from the bottom of the hand set.

6. When the OS Update is complete, the device will reboot. You will see the Home Screen displayed when it is done. You may now remove the scanner from the cradle or remove the data cable from the bottom of the hand set.



+ Applicable Products

  • MT2000 Mobile Terminals
  • MT2000 Series Cradle STB2000-C40017R