WAP4 + HF Keyboard Wedge: Assigning one trigger to activate both the RFID HF (WA9905) and Scanner SE965 (WA9015)

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How to assign one trigger to activate both the RFID HF (WA9905) and Scanner SE965 (WA9015)?

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Workabout Pro 4



The RFID HF Keyboard Wedge application allows using the RFID HF reader like a barcode scanner. The data read from the RFID tag are sent to the keyboard buffer and written to the active window.

This article provides a way to assign one trigger (ex. pistol grip trigger) for the integrated RFID HF end cap reader and Scanner SE965 slim pod engine using the HF Keyboard Wedge Profile Editor.

1. Launch the RFID HF Wedge.

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2. Tap Profile Editor.

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3. Select RFID profile then tap on Edit

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4. Set Trigger button to Grip Trigger.

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5. Set Barcode support to RFID+Barcode.

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6. Hit OK to save.

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7. Tap Yes to reboot.

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After the reboot, when you press the pistol grip trigger, the RFID HF and Scanner SE965 will be activated

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  • Workabout Pro 4 Mobile Computer