What Scanners Allow the Use of Both the Scanner and the iOS Keyboard?

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What scanners support the keyboard or keypad toggle on an Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod?



Symptom -Scanner is paired to an Apple iPad, iPhone or iPad and does not allow the use of the device keyboard.


List of scanners and the minimum version of firmware that allows the user to open or close the Apple iOS virtual keypad.


Press the minus (-) button to raise and lower the virtual keypad:


CS3070-SR10007WW firmware revision PAABCS00-007-R00/TAABCS00-003-R00 is needed, but firmware PAABCS00-010-R00/TAABCS00-004-R00 and later would be the best for this implementation.

CS4070-SR00004ZMWW and CS4070-HC0000BZMWW-all versions of firmware.  This device is MFi (Made for iPod, iPhone and iPad)


Double pull the trigger to raise and lower the virtual keypad for these devices:


DS3578-DP2F005WR: firmware PAAAZS00-002-R00
DS3578-ER2F005WR: firmware PAABRS00-002-R00
DS3578-HD2F005WR, DS3578-SR2F005WR: firmware PAAAYS00-002-R00

LI4278-SR20001WR, LI4278-SR20007WR: firmware PAABIS00-003-R00

LS3578-ER20005WR, LS3578-ER20155WR, LS3578-FZ20005WR: firmware NBRMHAAK

DS6878-DL20001WR and DS6878-DL20007WR: firmware PAAAWS00-005-R00
DS6878-SR2F001WR, DS6878-SR2F007WR, DS6878-HC2F00BVZWW and DS6878-HC2F09BWR: firmware PAABHS00-004-R00
DS6878-SR20001WR, DS6878-SR20007WR, DS6878-HC2000BVZWW and DS6878-HC2000BWR: firmware PAAAJS00-005-R00

Use 123Scan Utility for firmware updates. (CS3070 does not use 123Scan Utility)