Why Does the Scanner Lockup the Keyboard?

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Why Does the Scanner Lockup the Keyboard?


The PC keyboard is locked.  Keystrokes aren’t sent to the PC.
The scanner has power, but the scanned data isn’t sent to the PC.

On power up, the scanner looks for a Synapse Smart cable as well as a USB host before it allows the keyboard to be seen by the PC.  If the PC looks for the keyboard while the scanner is looking for the Synapse Smart cable or USB host, the PC will not see the keyboard and may give a keyboard error.  The PC doesn’t always give a keyboard error, but the keyboard input will not be sent to the PC.

The scanner needs to be programmed for the direct connect keyboard host selection.  It may also need to be programmed to disable Synapse Smart cable auto detection on power up.

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+ Product Codes

  • DS3408 Handheld Scanner
  • LS3408 Handheld Scanner
  • LS3408-ER Rugged Bar Code Scanner
  • LS3408-FZ Rugged Bar Code Scanner