XT15 CE6.0 + ICS 16.0: Activating the Intermec Imager after performing factory default (clean start)

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How to activate the Intermec Imager after performing factory default (clean start) on an XT15 CE6.0 using ICS 16.0?

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Equipment used: 
  • XT15 Windows CE 6.0 OS version 3.126119.0
  • Internal Imager: Intermec EA11


After performing a factory default (clean start), the device requires the reload of these installers:

  • ICS Device Installer
  • Intermec Decode Library

The following are the recommended builds:

  • ICS_Installer_WWE_16.0.27681.exe
  • DecodeLibrary_Install_Intermec_16.0.27681.exe

For more information on Resetting Psion Computers, refer to this Resetting Psion Computers article.


  1. Install the ICS device installer. 
    Download the ICS device installer from Support and Downloads: Imager Control Services.


IMPORTANT! Due to licensing restrictions with Intermec, you must contact your local Zebra Technical Support and provide them a copy of the XT15 system properties .XML file. A case will be filed and then the appropriate Decode Library installer will be provided.


  1. Install the Intermec Decode Library.

Now, the XT15 EA11 Imager should be functional and ready for use. 

+ Applicable Products

  • Omnii XT15
  • Omnii XT15 Mobile Computer Series
  • Omnii XT15f
  • Omnii XT15ni