File transfer to KDU-PLUS fails

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  • Problem transferring files to a KDU Plus
  • Can't communicate with the KDU Plus when downloading files


Applies To

Zebra Printers 
KDU Plus (Pictured here)

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Cause or Overview

The KDU Plus has two ports identified as Aux1 and Aux2. The Aux2 Port must be the port used to download firmware. The Aux1 Port should be used to connect external devices for you application. 


When transferring files from the PC to the KDU Plus, the AUX2 port should be the primary with the AUX1 as the secondary choice. The AUX2 port is the only port that can download firmware updates for your KDU Plus.

Each of the KDU Plus serial communication ports must be configured properly to communicate with your printer, PC or other input device (bar code scanner, scale, etc.). 

When using additional input devices, such as bar code scanners, use the KDU Plus AUX1 port as the primary with the AUX2 as the secondary port.

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