ZM Series Firmware Download Failure and Force Download Mode

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This Solution is useful when:

  • The standard procedure for downloading firmware fails
  • Changing from one programming language to another (changing between EPL and ZPL)

Note: This procedure will work for both ZPL and EPL firmware versions.


Applies To

ZM Series Printers 


Firmware upgrades normally require no more effort than to send the .zpl file to the printer. However, when this fails you can use a force download method that will allow the printer to accept firmware downloads regardless of previous versions installed or error states.


Force Download Procedure

1) Make sure the printer is powered off.


2) Hold down the Front Panel Plus (+) and Minus (-) buttons together and then turn on the printer.


3) Keep holding both buttons until you see "Force Download" Message on the printer's LCD.


4) The printer is now in Force Download Mode.


5) You can now begin to download the firmware to the printer using ZDownloader (other utilities can be used for firmware upgrades, but not when unit is in Force Download Mode)   Read More>>


Firmware and download instructions are available from the Zebra Website   Read More>>


6) Once the firmware has been successfully installed, the printer will print a configuration report showing the newer version. In addition the new firmware version will be shown on the printer's LCD.

Helpful Information


These utilities can be used to upgrade firmware. (i.e. sending the file to the printer)

+ Product Codes

  • Z Series Industrial Printers
  • ZM400
  • ZM600