Firmware Download Stuck on 'Downloading Option Board Firmware'

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Printer stops firmware upgrade displaying Downloading Option Board Firmware

Applies To

Zebra Printer using a ZebraNet Wireless Print Server Option Board

ZPL firmware versions affected started with V.15.x.

Firmware Downloader Utility

Cause or Overview

When downloading ZPL firmware to a Zebra Tabletop Printer with the Wireless Plus Option Board  the download gets stuck on 'Downloading Option Board Firmware'. The problem has been seen when using the 'Firmware Downloader Utility' which is meant for EPL based printers.


Do not use the Firmware Downloader Utility to upgrade a ZPL printer firmware. It is recommended to use ZebraNet Bridge or the Zebra Setup Utility to download firmware to ZPL based printers. 

Refer to the ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise User's Guide for instructions on downloading firmware to the printer. Read More>>

In The Zebra Setup Utility choose the Send File feature Read More>>


Helpful information

ZebraNet Bridge is free and available from Read More>>

Zebra Setup Utility is free and available from Read More>>



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