Format Prefix with ZPL enabled Zebra Mobile Printers

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Changing ZPL format prefix on Zebra Mobile Printers.

Applies To

All Zebra ZPL enabled printers.


When using ZPL mode there are exceptions to allowed characters for the ZPL format prefix. The default format prefix is the caret "^" (5E hex) and precedes all ZPL format commands. Example ^XA^FO20,20^FDTest ......and so on. This format prefix character can be changed to accommodate a user's data requirements. There are three characters that cannot be used in place of the caret "^". 

"~" Tilde (7E hex) - This is the default ZPL Command prefix
"@" (40 hex) 
"!" (21 hex).

Also, hex characters between 00 (hex)  and 20 (hex)  are not allowed.

Additional Information

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