G Series GX Models -- Status Indicator Light on Solid or Flashing

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GX-Series printer Status Indicator Information

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GX-Series Printers


The status indicator light is located on the feed button and indicates the current status of the printer. Regardless of the color, this status light is on anytime the printer is on.

This solution is useful for:

  • Interpreting the status light

Symptoms addressed by this solution include:

  • solid or flashing green light
  • solid or flashing red light 
  • solid or flashing orange light ( amber light )

The printer status indicator can be interpreted by reviewing the status indicator table.

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Error 1 The LED is off The printer is not receiving power.

  • Have you turned on the printer power?
  • Check power connections from the wall outlet to the power supply, and from the power supply to the printer.
  • Disconnect the printer from the wall outlet for 30 seconds and then reconnect the printer to the wall outlet. 

Error 2  Solid Green  The printer is on and in an idle state.

  • No action necessary 

Error 3  Solid Amber. The printer has failed its power on self test (POST).

  • If this error occurs right after you turn on the printer, contact an authorized reseller for assistance. When the printer is operating normally, the printer status light will be amber for about 10 seconds before turning green (solid or blinking). 

Error 3  Solid Amber  There is a memory error.

  • If this error occurs after you have been printing, turn the printer power off and on, and then resume printing. 

Error 3  Solid Amber  The printhead needs to cool down.

  • If this error continues, turn the printer power off for five minutes or more, and then turn on. If the amber light persists, then the printer requires service. 

Error 4  Flashing Green The printer is receiving data.

  • As soon as all of the data has been received, the status LED will turn green and the printer will automatically resume operation. 

Error 5   Flashing Red  The media is out.

  • Follow the instructions for Loading Roll Media , and then press the Feed button to resume printing. Read More>>
  • Calibrate the printer Read More>>

Error 5   Flashing Red The ribbon is out. (Does not apply to Direct Thermal models)

  • The printer has sensed the end of the ribbon roll. Replace the ribbon.  Read More>>

Error 5   Flashing Red  The printhead is open.

  • Close the top cover and then press the Feed button to resume printing. 

Error 6  Double Flash Green The printer is paused.

  • Press the Feed button to resume printing. 

Error 7   Flashing Amber The printhead is over temperature.

  • Printing will stop until the printhead cools to an acceptable printing temperature. When it does, the printer will automatically resume operation. 

Error 8   Alternate Green Red FLASH memory is not programmed.

  • Return the printer to an authorized reseller. 

Error 9   Red and Red Green The printhead or motor has had a critical failure. 

  • Return the printer to an authorized reseller.

+ Product Codes

  • G-Series GX Desktop Printers
  • GX420Rx Desktop Printer
  • GX420d Desktop Printer
  • GX420t Desktop Printer
  • GX430d Desktop Printer
  • GX430t Desktop Printer