Getting Beam Back After Scanning USB CDC Host Bar Code

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Why is there no beam after scanning USB CDC host bar code? Why did the beam go away after scanning CDC host? Why is the cradle not powering up? Why isn't the USB port recognizing the scanner?


The CDC driver allows the scanner or cradle to emulate a serial port when connected via USB. A virtual COM port is assigned to the scanning device.


Scanner or cradle does not power all the way up
USB port reports unknown device
CDC host requires the Zebra CDC Driver for Windows XP and Windows 7, 32 and 64 Bit be installed on the host for the USB port to enumerate the scanner or cradle.

     - 64 Bit COM Emulation Drivers
     - 32 Bit COM Emulation Drivers

You can follow a knowledge article 'Emulating a COM/Serial Port Over USB using CDC driver' with correct setup steps.

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