Graphics are Missing or Size Is Not Correct Using ZebraDesigner Software

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Size issues or error messages may occur when opening ZebraDesigner Software Version 1 .lbl files in Version 2.  This is possible even though label files created with Version 1 are compatible with Version 2.

Graphics are not printing, pictures are not correct.

Applies To

ZebraDesigner Version 2 Software

Cause or Overview

The most common cause is related to differences in computer files structures between the Version 1 and Version 2 PC. Version 1 .lbl files contain pointers to some content (graphics for example) and if not located an error similar to the following will be displayed.


 User-added image

To overcome issues try installing ZebraDesigner Pro V2 on both your existing computer and the new computer. On the existing Version 1 computer (where the label designs and graphics currently exist) you can download and install a free demo version of the ZebraDesigner software from the link below (Helpful Information).

Note: Before proceeding we also recommend using the ‘Save As’ option to preserve the original files with a different file name or in a different directory as a backup. You should then be able to move the newly saved files to the new computer and the graphics should appear when the files are opened.

On the version 1 system, open up the label files in ZebraDesigner Pro V2, select under Tools ** “Store pictures into label” and then save. Now you can copy them to your new Version 2 system and they will open with all content as expected.

**Note – This feature is exclusive to the purchased version of ZebraDesigner Pro.2

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