GT800 Printer Calibration

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GT800 Series Printer Calibration Common Issues

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GT800 Printer

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This article is useful for resolving issues such as: 

  • Feed Button Red Light Flashing
  • Prints, then skip a label or are skipping labels
  • Print is overlapping onto the next label
  • Print position is drifting up and down on the labels
  • Labels stop printing in random locations
  • Prints labels then the red light starts to flash

Common Issues and Resolutions

Problem Resolution

Flashing Red Light

NOTE Press the FEED Button after calibrating. If one label feeds each time pressed then the printer is properly calibrated. Verify Software/Driver settings are not changing the calibrated values or printer configurations.
Labels are skipping or 
the print image is wandering                                                      
  • Check Media Loading and assure the guides are keeping the media aligned  
  • Verify the printer is set to the correct Media Type. If set to Continuous the printer will not track Top-of-Form. Refer to this article for more information on ZebraDesigner Driver Printer Configuration Printing Preferences vs Printing Defaults.
  • Verify the labels are compatible with the media specifications 
    • Media Width 19.5mm/0.75" to 114mm/4.49"
    • Media Length 6.5mm/0.25" to 991mm/39"
    • Roll size 127mm/5" O.D. with a 25.4mm/1.0" to 38mm/1.5" Core
    • Maximum Thickness 0.08mm/.003" to 0.19mm/0.007"
  • Press the FEED Button. If one label feeds each time-pressed, check your label format or Driver/Software for the source of the problem.
  • Try Defaulting and verify the printer has calibrated correctly.
  • Perform Manual Calibration.
  • If the problem persists a Media Sensor Profile can be sent to Tech Support for analysis.


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