HC100 Wristband Printer - Resolving Print Quality Issues

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Symptoms addressed by this solution include:

  • Light print
  • Faded image
  • Partially missing print
  • Broken bars or lines in a barcode

Applies To

Zebra HC100 Wristband Printer

Cause or Overview

Several issues can cause print quality problems.  A dirty media path or not using optimal darkness/print speeds are the primary causes of this problem.


Media Path Cleaning  Read More>>

  • A dirty media path can result in poor heat transfer and a poorly printed.
  • The print head is path of the media path and should be cleaned as well.

Print Speed

The printer operates at the selected speed in terms of inches/mm per second

  • The Print Speed can be selected sending a ZPL ^PR command to the printer.  Because print quality is effected by print speed,  it is important to run tests for your application to choose the optimal setting.  Driver and software settings can over ride the printers current print speed setting.
  • Slowing down the print speed can also help if the print is too light.

ZPL II Programming Guide  Read More>>

Print darkness

Print darkness can effect print quality.  The media cartridge has a default darkness setting.

Changing Media Darkness Mode  Read More>>

Helpful information

HC100 Feed Button Procedures  Read More>>


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  • HC100 Wristband Printer