Mobile printer is feeding unwanted extra paper

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Preventing a mobile printer in journal mode from feeding extra media after a print job completes

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CPCL compatible mobile printers


A mobile printer in journal mode is designed to print on continuous media without gaps, bars, or marks.  When issuing print jobs to mobile printers, it is possible that extra media will be fed after the desired print job is finished.  A few steps should be taken to prevent this symptom.  All of the following information was taken from the CPCL manual. Read More>>


For continuous media, enter the JOURNAL command.  The CPCL manual explains that JOURNAL disables the printer's automatic alignment feature which searches for bars/gaps with which to align.

  1. Send the SETFF command to the printer.  The SETFF command can be used to configure how much extra feed is given after the FORM command is received in a CPCL label.
  2. Add the FORM command at the end of your CPCL label but before the PRINT command.  FORM instructs the printer to feed to the top of the form after printing.

The following sequence of commands can be sent to the printer to configure if for journal mode and designate the form feed length.  The first set of commands configures the JOURNAL mode and SETFF command, and stores the values so that they are applied even if the printer is reset.  The second set of commands represents the actual label to be printed.  Please note that you must mirror the capitalization shown in the example and each line must be followed by a carriage return / new line.   Each grouping of commands can be sent to the printer separately.  If you are looking for a method to send these commands to your printer, the Zebra Setup Utilities offers direct communication functionality. Read More>>

Sending a file using the Zebra Setup Utility (ZSU) Read More>>

SETFF 50 5

! 0 200 200 210 1
TEXT 4 0 30 40 Hello World

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