How Do I Configure Mobile Companion?

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How Do I Configure Mobile Companion?


Mobile Companion


Follow the steps below to configure Mobile Companion:
1.      From the Pocket PC Today screen, click on the Mobile Companion Icon in the Windows Taskbar.

2.      From the popup menu, click on Find WLANs.

3.      From the “Available WLAN Networks” screen, highlight the RF network you wish to attach to and then click Connect.  The properties page for the RF network you selected will appear:
o       The Profile Name is the name of the RF network (usually defaults to the ESSID of the network).
o       802.11 ESSID is the ESSID of the RF network.  It is a case sensitive value and spaces count as valid characters.
o       Operating Mode is Infrastructure if using an AP to communicate with.
o       Country must be set to the country in which the device is used.

4.      The Authentication tab is used to set the type of Authentication method you wish to use.  Values are:
o       None
o       Kerberos
o       LEAP
o       EAP-TLS
o       PEAP

5.      The Encryption tab allows you to set the RF Encryption method.  Values are:
o       Open System (no encryption)
o       WEP - If set to 40 bit or 128 bit, then the text boxes for entering the WEP key will be displayed.
o       TKIP (WPA) - If set, then the text boxes for entering your key or Passkey Phrase will be displayed.

6.      The IP configuration tab allows you to select DHCP or Static IP addressing.  If you select Static IP addressing then the following text boxes will be displayed:
o       IP address,
o       Subnet mask,
o       Gateway, DNS & WINS are displayed.

7.      Once all your settings are configured, click OK and you will be brought back to the “Available WLAN Networks”.  Click the Close button and you will be returned to the Windows Today screen.

8.      Click the Mobile Companion Icon and then select the WLAN Profiles parameter from the popup menu.

9.      Highlight the RF network that you configured.

10.  Click Connect, then Close and you will be brought back to the Windows Today screen.

11.  Once you configure Mobile Companion, the Mobile Companion icon in the taskbar will turn green to indicate activity.

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