How do I Configure ScanWedge or DataWedge to Send a Hex Value as a Prefix or Suffix?

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Issue / Question

How do I configure ScanWedge or DataWedge to send a Hex value as a prefix or suffix?

Applicable To

ScanWedge, DataWedge

Resolution / Answer

You can set up the prefix and suffix variables using the ScanWedge or DataWedge settings.


  1.     Verify that ScanWedge.exe or Datawedge.exe is running on the device.
  2.     Go to the Today screen and ensure you see the scanner icon on the bottom-right corner of the screen. 
  3.     If it is not running, you will need to launch it before proceeding.
  4.     Click on the ScanWedge or Datawedge icon from the Today screen.
  5.     Click Config > Setup. Check the “Allow escapes in prefix or suffix” checkbox.
  6.     In the input field under “Suffix to send after bar code”, type \xYY where YY is the hex value you want to send. Click OK. 

For example, if you want to send a return value (Enter Key) after scanning the bar code, in the input field under “Suffix to send after bar code”, type \x0D.

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