How Do I Correct a Telxon Error 1300 on the PTC960SL?

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How Do I Correct a Telxon Error 1300 on the PTC960SL?




Telxon error code 1300 indicates a problem with the PTC960SL communicating with its host.
Error 1300 is typically caused by a PTC960SL mis-configuration, RF coverage problems or a hardware problem.

The Configuration parameters to check would be:
  • Any of the RADIO configuration parameters (SSID, Channel, Bit Rate) 
  • The IP configuration parameters (PTC IP address, HOST IP address, ROUTER IP address,.SUBNET MASK)
  • The Telnet configuration parameters (PORT number, type of emulation (5250, 3270 or VT100/220).
The hardware checklist should include:
  • 960SL antenna (the 960SL antenna is external and thus removable) - a swap of the antenna with a working unit is a good test to see if the antenna is bad. 
  • A low or weak battery can also be a cause of a 1300 error.  
  • Another hardware caused error could be a defective WLAN card in the 960SL (requiring an RMA/ repair).

For RF coverage problems, a good indicator is whether the problem is affecting one or all units in a given area.  If only one PTC 960SL is affected, then a bad AP or bad RF coverage can be ruled out.  If ALL PTC960SL units are affected in a particular area, then a check of the WLAN infrastructure is warranted.

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