How Do I Install BackupPro on the SPT17XX?

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How Do I Install BackupPro on the SPT17XX?


Programs are not automatically backed up by the Palm OS. BackupPro from HandEra can be used for backing up applications. SPT17XX Series 0.1 0.1 0.1


 Follow the instructions below to install BackupPro:
  1. Verify that HotSync communications are enabled.
  2. Double click on BackupPro.prc from windows explorer.  The Install Tool box will pop up on the desktop window.
  3. Select a user and click OK.  The second Install Tool Box will pop up and show you the BackupPro.prc.  It will be installed on your handheld the next time you perform a HotSync.
  4. Click “Done” and exit this box.
  5. Connect cable between PC and SPT17XX.
  6. Tap “HotSync” from the SPT to begin downloading files. The HotSync reset pop up box shows on the SPT17XX after downloads are completed.
  7. Tap the Reset button to “reset” SPT17XX.  The HandEra InstallPro installer program will startup and display the install welcome screen on the SPT17XX.
  8. Tap the “Install” button to install BackupPro. This process will format flash memory first and then install the BackupPro components in flash memory on the SPT17XX.  You will find the three applications: “ZZ-Backup”, “ZZ-Restore”, and “ZZ-Setup” have been installed on the device.
  9. Tap “ZZ-Setup” to select what to back up from the displayed list and then tap the “ZZ-Backup” to back them from RAM to flash memory.
  10. Tap “ZZ-Restore” to restore them back to RAM.

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