Setting a TTP Kiosk Printer to a definite state to upload new firmware

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Forcing firmware to a Zebra Kiosk Printers

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Zebra TTP Series Kiosk Printers


In the situation that you have to communicate serial but the printer is in an undefined state you might use the following procedure to bring the printer back to life. Doing so may destroy the FLASH ROM when you interrupt the upload procedure. Then you need to exchange the FLASH ROM.

  • Connect the serial IO cable to the PC.
  • Set the PC baud rate to 9600 and the parity to ODD.
  • Switch off the printer.
  • Remove all paper from the printer.
  • Lift the Print head.
  • Press the green FF button and hold it while you switch the printer on again.
  • Release the button and begin the firmware upload. The upload will take approximately 2 minutes and the printer should buzz when the FLASH is loaded.

Set the new baud rate in the printer and eventually the print width if you have a model different then the 80 mm wide one.


+ Product Codes

  • TTP 2000 Series Kiosk Receipt Printers
  • TTP 2000 Series Kiosk Receipt Printers