How Do I Update the OS on a PPT88xx Using AirBEAM® via a USB ActiveSync?

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How Do I Update the OS on a PPT88xx Using AirBEAM® via a USB ActiveSync?


DCP 1.3 for the PPT88xx running Windows Mobile 2003


Serial OS updates can take an hour and a half.  Using AirBEAM® to update a device significantly reduces this wait time. To use AirBEAM® over the wireless network an 802.11b enabled device is needed.  It is possible to use AirBEAM® through a USB ActiveSync session.

Follow the directions listed below to update the PPT88xx using AirBEAM® via a USB ActiveSync session.
  1. Download the appropriate AirBEAM® package for your device.
  2. Unzip the AirBEAM® Package to the root directory of your FTP server.
  3. If you do not have AirBEAM® Client 1.46 loaded on your terminal then upzip the AirBEAM® Client v1.46 files (, located within the AirBEAM® ® package) and copy them to the Platform folder. They will include an AirBEAM® ® sub-folder, a reg file and a copy file.
  4. Cold boot your terminal. (Remove the battery door. Simultaneously press the white reset button to the left of the battery and the 'Func' button; replace the battery door and press the power key).
  5. Go to Start --> Setting--> Connections Tab and then tap on 'Connections'.
  6. Tap on 'Advanced' then 'Network Card'.
  7. Select AsyncMac NDISWAN Miniport . Continue to tap on the 'OK' buttons to exit out of the settings windows.
  8. Connect your USB cable (CBL8800-100-USB plus Cable Cup UCC8800-00) to the terminal and Host PC. Also, verify that you have external power to the terminal.
  9. Launch the AirBEAM® ® Client and then click on 'File' and 'Configure'.
  10. Enter the appropriate AirBEAM® ® package name (i.e. 8846w-64-OS010222) into the 'Package 1' field.
  11. Scroll over to the 'Server' tab and then enter your server's IP address. The directory should be '/ab/88XXw/'.
  12. Enter the server's user name and password.
  13. Under the 'Misc (3)' tab, make sure Passive Mode is selected.
  14. Select 'OK' and synchronize.
  15. It is recommended to manually cold boot the terminal once the AirBEAM® download is done.

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