How Do I Upgrade Access Point Firmware Using TFTP Server?

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How Do I Upgrade Access Point Firmware Using TFTP Server?


When upgrading firmware on an access point (AP), one of the options is to use a TFTP server. This requires an Ethernet connection and a TFTP server running on the segment the AP is on. Running a TFTP server requires third party software such as 3CDAEMON.


To update the AP firmware:
  1. Copy the firmware files dsap3_fw.bin and dsapt3htm.bin onto the TFTP server.
  2. Access the AP via either a Telnet client, or a serial console connection. Refer to the image below for the proper serial access settings for connecting to your Motorola Access point.
  3. If accessing the device via Telnet, at the prompt, type the admin password.
  4. Select Enter Admin Mode from the Main Menu and enter the admin password.
  5. Select Special Functions from the Main Menu and press ENTER.
  6. Press F3 to view the Firmware Update Menu.
  7. Select Alter Filename(s)/HELP URL/TFTP Server.
  8. Validate that Firmware and HTML Filename are set correctly. Adjust TFTP server to the address of your TFTP server where you are hosting the AP Firmware and HTML files. When done, Press F1 to Save.
  9. You will be prompted to confirm your save operation. Select Yes.
  10. Select "Use TFTP to update the access Point's: Firmware and HTML file" to begin the update. You will be prompted to confirm, select yes.
The Access Point should now connect to the TFTP server and download the Firmware, followed by the HTML update. If you are accessing the device via serial console, the output should look like the image below.