How Do I Upgrade the Firmware on the WS5x00?

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How Do I Upgrade the Firmware on the WS5000? How Do I Upgrade the Firmware on the WS5100?


Before upgrading a WS5000, the file system patch utility must be installed. ( WS5000 Only):
  1.     Download the DOM clean utility: W5k_FS.patch.cfg
  2.     Go to the SM-GLI, by typing in service (the password is “password”).
  3.     Type: execute.
  4.     Enter in the file name: W5k_FS.patch.cfg
  5.     The switch will reboot.

ToTo upgrade the firmware
  1.     Delete existing images from the switch:
    •     Example: WS5000> delete WS5000_v1.2.0.39.sys.img
  2.     Copy the system image file:
    •     Example: WS5000> copy t s
  3.     Enter the filename: WS5000_v1.4.1.0-014R.sys.img
  4.     Enter the TFTP Server IP Address: <X.X.X.X>
  5.     Restore the image:
    •     Example: WS5000> restore system WS5000_v1.4.1.0-014R.sys.img

A WS5000 with any of the service releases of 1.1.4, 1.2.0 or 1.2.5 can be upgraded to v1.4.1.0-014R.
A WS5100 with a service release of 1.4.0 can be upgraded to v1.4.1.0-014R