How Do I Use AvantGo Channels on a Pocket PC 2002 Terminal?

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How Do I Use AvantGo Channels on a Pocket PC 2002 Terminal?


Pocket PC 2002


AvantGo is a free interactive service that gives you access to personalized content and thousands of popular Web sites.  Subscribe to AvantGo channels directly from your Symbol device running Pocket PC 2002 then synchronize with your desktop computer, or connect to the Internet to download the content.

To use this product you must sign up by following the steps below:
  1. In ActiveSync options on the desktop computer, turn on synchronization for the AvantGo information type.
  2. In Pocket Internet Explorer on your terminal, tap the Favorites button to display your list of favorites.
  3. Tap the AvantGo Channels link.
  4. Tap the Activate button.
  5. Follow the directions on the screen. You must synchronize your terminal with your desktop computer then tap the My Channels button to complete setup.
  6. When synchronization is complete, tap the AvantGo Channels link in your list of favorites to see a few of the most popular channels.
  7. To add or remove channels, tap the Add or Remove link.

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