How Does the Level 2 Agent Work in MSP?

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How Does the Level 2 Agent Work in MSP?


The Mobility Services Platform (MSP) server can monitor mobile devices based on 3 Levels of manageability. A description of the 3 levels is beyond the scope of this document, but a focus will be on how the Level 2 agent works in MSP.


The Level 2 agent must be loaded onto the mobile device. Each Level 2 agent is device specific, so read each description of the ‘Software Packages’ listed in MSP carefully. Once the Level 2 agent has been selected, the agent can be downloaded to the device via AirBEAM SMART. Once the agent has been loaded, be sure to verify that the ‘WNMS’ checkbox has been selected in the AirBEAM SMART client.
During a warm boot or an AirBEAM package download, the AirBEAM SMART (Level 2 agent) will upload information onto the MSP server. The information will be loaded into the WNMS directory located in the ftp user’s home directory (ie. /opt/msamaint/ftpadmin/WNMS for the ftpadmin user). The data file will be named with the MAC address of the device, followed by a random set of numbers. For example, 00a0f8bc29cc.110303105426, with 00a0f8bc29cc being the MAC address of the mobile unit.
The MSP server will periodically check this directory for the data files and remove the file once it has read the data file.