How is a Symbol Access Point set to Factory Defaults?

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How is a Symbol Access Point set to Factory Defaults?


An access point can be set to factory defaults by shorting pins 2 & 3 and resetting the access point.


A user has lost the password or is unable to access the access point (AP).

To reset the access point back to factory defaults:

WARNING: Once you invoke a factory reset as described below, the unit will reset to factory settings.  This means it will no longer have custom passwords nor will it have an IP address.  You'll need to configure the AP using a null modem serial cable via HyperTerminal.
  1. Remove power from the access point.
  2. Short pins 2 & 3 on the serial connection at the back of the access point.  Inserting one end of a small paperclip in pin number 2 and the other end in pin number 3 can accomplish this.  You might need a magnifying glass to distinguish which pins are marked 2 & 3.  Be careful to use the correct pins.
  3. Apply power to the AP (with the paperclip still in the AP so it shorts at this point).
  4. Wait one full minute with power connected.
  5. Remove power to the AP.
  6. Remove the paper clip.
  7. Re-apply power to the AP.

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