How to Check the Status of the Phaser Scanner through MCL Link or MCL Link Lite?

How to Check the Status of the Phaser Scanner through MCL Link or MCL Link Lite?

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Why isn't the P360, P460, P370 or P470 transmitting data to MCL Link or Link Lite?


Phaser (P360, P460, P370 or P470) scanner and MCL Link (or Link Lite) are not communicating.


Cabling may not be correct.  A direct connect serial cable with power supply is required.  Synapse cable can not be used.
Cradle PL360/460 or PL370/470: 25-17817-20R connected to COM1 of the cradle
P360, P460: 25-33359-30 connects directly from the bottom of scanner to the PC
50-14000-266R Power supply and 50-16000-182R line cord

MCL Link/Link Lite may not be configured correctly.  

Link or Link Lite Setup:
  • Host ID set to 099
  • Baud rate is 38400
  • Protocol is 14
Verify firmware version for Link Lite operation:
  • P360/460 1M: Rev N or higher
  • P360/460 4M: Rev F or higher
  • P370/470: scanner and cradle must be Rev E or higher
All versions of firmware will work with MCL Link

Phaser setup for Link communication and completing Status check:
  1. On the Phaser scanner, press the following 4 keys in sequence:  FUNC,*,FUNC, BK (“System Setup” should be displayed).
  2. At “System Setup” press ENTER.
  3. At “Set Com Protocol” press ENTER.
  4. Use the down arrow key to scroll until the Phaser displays “Batch/Inventory” then press ENTER.
  5.  Using the down arrow, scroll to “MCL-NET” then press ENTER (This will bring the scanner back to “System Setup”).
  6. Using the arrow keys, scroll to “App Control”, then press ENTER.
  7. Phaser should display “Load App/File”, press ENTER.
  8. Connect the Phaser to the host by placing into the cradle or connecting to host cable, and click on the “Status” button on MCL link program. MCL should provide feedback on the device, MCL version, MCL date, and memory when clicking the green check mark on the Terminal Status window.

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