How to Configure 128 Bit WEP Encryption on the AP41x1?

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How to configure 128 bit WEP on the AP4131? How to configure 128 bit WEP on the AP4121? How to configure 128 bit WEP on the AP4111?


By implementing 128 bit WEP encryption, the data becomes less susceptible to unauthorized intrusions.


Open system/authentication and/or ACL implementation does not provide adequate network data security.

To enable the 128 bit WEP encryption security parameter:
  1. Select Special Functions from the access point main menu.
  2. Select the Configure Authentication, an Encryption menu option.
  3. Ensure the Pre-shared Key is enabled.
  4. Ensure 128 bit is selected.
  5. Select Configure WEP from the Configure Authentication and Encryption screen; the WEP Encryption Configuration will be displayed.
  6. Select WEP/KeyGuard Key Maintenance.  The Encryption Key Maintenance screen will be displayed.
  7. Either enter a PassKey (optional) as a plain text representation of the WEP keys.
  8. Or if not using a PassKey, select the desired key and enter the new value.
  9. Select [F1] to both save and display a confirmation prompt.
  10. Select [F2] to save change to all access points of the same ESSID (the “save to all AP’s” option is only used with the same hardware and firmware platforms).