How to Configure ScanWedge so the Prefix/Suffix Persists after Cold Boot

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Why does the The ScanWedge lose the prefix and/or suffix setting after a cold boot.


PPT28xx, PDT81xx using either Pocket PC 2002 or Windows Mobile 2003 MC90xx and PPT88xx using Windows Mobile 2003 MC50 using Windows Mobile 2003 ScanWedge


Create a registry file to make the change persist after a cold boot.
NOTE:  A cold reboot will erase all files, except the application and platform folder.  Save your files before cold booting.
  1. Open Notepad on the PC.
  2. Type the following registry entry:








  1. Make sure the value of Escape is set to dword:00000001, which means “Allow escapes in prefix/suffix”.
  2. Note in the \xYY in the example above, the YY is the hex value you want to send. For example, \x0D is to send a return value (Enter Key).
  3. Save the file as suffix_return.reg
  4. Place the file on your Terminal in the \Application Folder using ActiveSync.

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