How to Configure the WS5100 Wireless Filter to Allow and Deny Wireless Devices by MAC Address

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How to Configure the WS5100 Wireless Filter to Allow and Deny Wireless Devices by MAC Address?




Creating proper security methods is strongly recommended to avoid unauthorized wireless access on wireless networks; however, this is not always the case and an Access Control List (ACL) can be created by allowing and denying wireless client MAC Addresses. ACL was the terminology used on older software releases of the WS5100. On the new WS5100 v3.0.0.0-267R release, ACL is now referred to as Wireless Filter. This also prevents unauthorized wireless clients from accessing the wireless network.
  1. Using HTTP/HTTPS for WS5100 access, log into the WS5100 and go to Security à Wireless filters then click Add.
  2. The first entry is MU-ACL Index.  The MU-ACL Index range is from 1-1000 and for each MAC Address entered (Individual or Range), an index number is required.
  3. Enter index 1, then populate the Starting MAC and Ending MAC information for the wireless client.  If entering a range or individual MAC, the Starting MAC and Ending MAC must be entered. If entering an individual MAC Address, use the same MAC Address for Starting MAC and Ending MAC.
  4. Select Allow or Deny and then the Ok button to populate the list.
  5. Follow steps 2-4 to enter additional MAC Addresses. Remember to enter a new index, 1-1000, for each entry.
  6. If creating an Allow list and the need to Deny all other MAC Addresses. the correct MAC Address range that is required to be entered is as follows: Starting MAC Address 00:00:00:00:00:01 and Ending MAC Address FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FE
  7. If creating step 6, this index must be the highest number (1000) and should be the last index of the Allow indexes, otherwise, the Wireless Filter will not operate correctly.
  8. Once the Wireless Filters have been configured, hold the Ctrl key down and select each of the filters.  Next, click the Memberships button and place a check mark next to the WLAN you want to apply each filter to.
  9. Click Save to write current changes to the startup-config file