How to enable the Audit Log in the Zebra OPOS Device Manager

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The OPOS driver can log its printer command output for troubleshooting purposes

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OPOS Driver


By default this option is not turned on to keep the logs from consuming disk space. In the event that the Output Logs are needed, the feature can be activated from within the Zebra OPOS Device Manager. To turn on Output Logging, run the Zebra OPOS Device Manager and select the printer to be monitored. Click on the Configuration Settings tab and check Enable Audit Log.


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The logs can be found at C:\Program Files\Zebra Technologies\ZebraOPOS\LOGS.

There are two logs:

  • ZebraPOS_Audit.txt - contains a running log of the OPOS commands used and the resulting driver output.
  • ZebraPOS_Status_Audit.txt - contains a running log of when status queries were sent.

To turn off the logging, uncheck the Enable Log in the Zebra OPOS Device Manager.

Note: If logging is turned off or on while a printer is in the "Claimed" state, the setting change will not take effect until the printer has been "Released".