How to Feed a Blank Label or Separator Page after Print Jobs

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This solution was developed due to the fact that Microsoft Windows Printing only supports a Separator Page for PCL and Postscript printers.  Windows does not send separator pages properly for EPL, ZPL or CPCL printers.

Applies To

ZDesigner Windows Printer Driver


For details on how to setup the ZebraDesigner driver with a ZPL printer to feed a blank label after each print job in place of a "Separator Page"  click the following link.   Read More>>

Note: see the EPL / CPCL Programming Guides or contact support if you are not using a Zebra printer with ZPL support.

Options on the Advances tab of the ZebraDesigner driver, such as Separator Page, are present in all drivers that follow Microsoft printer driver development standards.  They are controlled by the Operating System and its Spooler and may not have any effect on the ZebraDesigner driver or Zebra printers.