How to find Latest firmware for Mobile computers?

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How I get firmware? Where is the OSUpdate located? How do I download the latest Update package?


  1. Please visit Zebra Enterprise Support Portal website: Read More>>
  2. Select desired device from mobile computer portfolio. (e.g. MC3190)
  3. Select "Software Download" tab.
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  4. Click on "Show more" to see more that ten results.
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  5. It is advised to sort all files by last modification, click on "Date modified" to do so.
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  6. Select file with required version. It can be recognized by words as "OSUpdate" and "Update loader".
  7. All packages are by default in English, if you search for different language look for localized images.
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  8. Please read release notes for every package you download from us.
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  9. It usually contains important changes and update instruction. (e.g. Installation Instructions)
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