How to Increase Black Contrast and Slow Print Speed P Series Zebra Card Printer

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If you see the black portions of your card printing too light or not properly completing the ink transfer to the card, you may need to increase the black contrast and slow the print speed of the printer.

Applies To

Zebra Performance Class and Value Class Card Printers (P100i, P110i, P110m, P120i, P330i, P430i)


Access to the printer driver and ability to send commands to the printer.  If you are unfamiliar with how to send commands directly to the printer, click the following link for instruction.  Read More>>


How to adjust Black Contrast and slow Print Speed.

  • Go into the Command Line of the driver (direct command for printer or command to send to printer).
  • In the command line (with upper-case letters) type in:  +C_9 (space not underscore) and click send or execute. This will increase the black contrast giving a darker black print.
  • After you have sent or executed the command, delete the command out of the command line and type in (with upper-case letters) +V_9 (space not underscore) click send or execute. This command will slow the black print speed, for a more thorough and consistent K-panel print.

Helpful Information

Sending Commands to Zebra Value Class and Performance Class Printers  Read More>>

+ Product Codes

  • P100i
  • P110i
  • P120i
  • P330i Card Printer
  • P430i Card Printer
  • Value Class Card Printer