How to Ping a Mobile Unit from an AP41x1

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How to Ping a Mobile Unit from an AP41x1




Using pings from the access point allows the user to verify an association.
No pings returned or fewer pings than entered indicates a communication problem between the AP41x1 and mobile unit (MU).

To ping an MU:
  1. Telnet or make a connection via serial cable and an emulation program, such as HyperTerminal, to the AP41x1. 
  2. Select the Show Mobile Units by keying in M from the Main Menu screen.
  3. Select Regular from the Show Mobile Units screen.
  4. Press TAB to highlight the MAC address of the MU.
  5. Select Echo-[F1] to display the packet Ping Setup screen.
  6. Enter the number of echo requests (1 to 2290) and the length of packets in bytes (1 to 539).
  7. Press ENTER to begin pinging.  The access point dynamically displays packets transmitted and received.