How to Remap the Red button to a Tab Button on the MC3000

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How to Remap the Red button to a Tab Button on the MC3000 User would like to customize the Red button key press to simulate a Tab button key press.




By default, the Red button is not mapped to any key.

Modify the file to remap the key.
  1. Install the Device Configuration Package (DCP) for MC3000c42 v1.0, available on
  2. Using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 or later, open the project file makebins.dsp.  By default this is located in X:\Program Files\Symbol Device Configuration Packages\MC3000C42X\v1.0\Tools\kbtool, where X is the drive letter where the DCP is installed.
  3. In file MC3000Key48S.cpp, comment out the line as follows:
//   0,                            // 01 Red key (For now, leave Red key unmapped.)
             add the following line:
            SC_TABKEY,                // 01 Red key remapped to tab key     

  1. Build makebins.exe and then execute this file.  One of the files generated is MC3000-xx.sct, where xx indicates the number of keys on the keypad.  For example, for a 48-key keypad the file name is 
MC3000-48.sct. Copy this file into the \Platform\Keyboard folder of the MC3000.   
  1. Cold-boot the MC3000.  (Simultaneously press and hold the 1, 9, and Power keys.  Do not hold down any other keys or buttons.)

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