How to Remap the Wavelink TelnetCE Emulation Keypad?

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How to remap keys using the Wavelink TE client?


The Wavelink Emulator is released with default keymap assignments and some customers need the keys remapped for specific hosts or applications.
User needs to remap certain function keys when using their TelnetCE emulator.

To determine the present scan code of the function key:
  1. From the “No Host Connection, <Enter> to connect” screen or from the login screen, you must press FUNC, CTRL, D to get the to the PROGRAM DIAGNOSTICS screen.
  2. Press K for Keyboard test.
  3. Press the key that you wish to have remapped (for example F7) and it will indicate what the scan code is for that key (F7 has a scan code of 4100 )

To determine the scan code to be assigned:
From the Keyboard test, press the key combination that you want assigned.
For example, if you wish to have F7 (which in some models is the FUNC then 7 key combination) re-assigned to CTRL 7, then press CTRL and then 7.  (The scan code for CTRL 7 is 0024).
  • Now that you have the two scan code values, you must modify the configuration of the emulator and add a KEYMACRO.

For the ActiveSync client:
  1. Start the Desktop Telnet Configurator, and click the “Emulation Parameters” configuration button.
  2. From the Tree view of the “Termcfg.bin – Emulation Parameters” screen, click the “Emulation” folder.
  3. Click the “Common” sub-folder and double click the “Key Macros” field.
  4. Insert the desired scan codes.  For example to remap F7 to CTRL 7, you would insert: 4100:\0024
  5. Save & exit the configurator.
  6. ActiveSync the new configuration to your terminal.

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