Setup Communication between Phaser (P360/P460 or P370/P470) with MCL Link or Link Lite

Article ID: 20207801


The Symbol Phaser (P360/P460 or P370/P470) is not communicating to Link or Link Lite.


All versions of firmware work with Link.

Root Cause

The Phaser is not properly configured to communicate to Link or Link Lite


The Phaser must have the correct firmware revision and be properly configured for Link or Link Lite*.
  1. Direct connect serial cable must be connected into com 1 of PL360/460 or the PL370/PL470.
  2. Verify that the Phaser firmware is one of the following versions*:
    • P360/P460 1M must be revision N or higher
    • P360/P460 4M must be revision F or higher
    • P370/P470 must be revision E or higher  
  3. Set up Link or Link Lite for the following:
    • Set Host ID to 099
    • Set Baud Rate to 38400
    • Set Protocol to 14
  4. Set host selection on the Phaser to MCL Net.

+ Product Codes