How to Store Graphics with your ZebraDesigner Label

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Version 2 of ZebraDesigner software has added a new feature that will store graphics as part of your lbl file. This feature prevents a possible issue where graphics disappear in ZebraDesigner. 

Applies To

ZebraDesigner Version 2 Software


You must store the graphic into the label format in order for the graphic to not be lost if the .lbl file is moved.


Conditions that can cause this include

  • Moving the label design file to another computer and the graphics are not on the new PC
  • Modifying directory structures where graphics are located
  • Moving ZebraDesigner to a new PC and the file structure is not exactly the same
  • Using .lbl files from ZebraDesigner Version 1 (See troubleshooting information below)


In version 2 you can prevent this by choosing the following option to store graphics or pictures into the label design file. With "Store pictures into label option"** selected the label design and graphic are now in the same file.

**Note – This feature is exclusive to the purchased version of ZebraDesigner Pro 2.

 User-added image

Note: The lbl files saved with graphics included will be considerably larger.

Note: This is not a feature that is exclusive to ZebraDesigner Pro.

Version 1 .lbl files are compatible with Version 2 however, the "Store pictures into Label"  feature did not exist so graphic content is not embedded in the label design file.  If you are having trouble with graphics using version 1 .lbl files in version 2 Read More>>