How to update or reflash MC mobile device with Windows mobile?

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How to update MC55? How to update MC65? How to update MC75?


Windows 7 Windows mobile handheld MC55*, MC67, MC65, MC75A


  1. Connect device with the PC with USB cable.
  2. Wait until drivers are installed and WMDC(Windows mobile device center) recognize your device. You should see this screen when everything was done correctly.
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  3. Make sure you are able to see hidden folders and files. Go to start -> control panel select "folder option".
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  4. In second tab mark "Show hidden files, folders and drives", and uncheck "hide protected operating system files"
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  5. Now we are able to see temp folder at root of mobile computer.
  6. Download proper update package for your device. Extract this package to some directory.
    • Here is article 4737 - How to find latest firmware.Read More>>
  7. Copy all files to root of temp directory.
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  8. From device open file manager and run from temp directory StartUpdLdr file. Hit start button.
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  9. Select File explorer
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  10. Go inside root of your device, and locate temp folder.
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  11. Inside temp folder run StartUpdLdr.
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  12. Wait until update process is done.

Second option
how to update process is by putting all files at root of the SD card, and then insert SD-card with files to SD card slot of the unit.  Then place device into the cradle with power supply. To start update loader press 1-9-PowerButton from keypad. This will cause MC to ColdBoot.  Within 1 second of ColdBoot, press any one of the Trigger keys (yellow button) on the MC to activate the Updateloader.

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