iMZ Printer - Certificate Expiration Checking should be avoided due to RTC Limitations

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The iMZ Series printer Time Clock resets causing authentication failure if certificate expiration is used.

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iMZ Series Printers


The iMZ printer does not have a battery backed RTC feature and if battery power is lost, will revert to the last time configured using the associated SGD commands. If the time was never updated by the user it will revert to the time that was set at the factory.


rtc.time : 00:18:41 : 10-20-2015
rtc.timezone : UTC00

It is therefore recommended to avoid use of certificate expiration during TLS authentication. Digital signatures and the chain of trust are fully verified. Use of a pre-stored date/time on the printer is inaccurate and not recommended for certificate expiration checking.

Additional Info

Setting the Date and Time using CPCL or SGD Commands

Example: ! U1 SET-TIME 08:31:00 or ! U1 setvar "rtc.time" "08:31:00"

Example: ! U1 SET-DATE 04-29-2006  or ! U1 setvar "" "04-29-2006"



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  • iMZ Series Mobile Printers
  • iMZ220 Mobile Printer
  • iMZ320 Mobile Printer