Information Bulletin- UV Preprint on Kiosk Printer Paper Rolls Provide Counterfeit Protection

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To prevent fraud, ticket material used for valuable tickets often contains security elements similar to banknotes. Such features include metal foil and print with ink that only gets visible when illuminated by ultraviolet light.

UV Preprint on protective media

Applies To

Zebra Kiosk Printers


In the photo below you see normally invisible buses, boats, trains, and mountains appear when the UV-light is turned on (right side).

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The Zebra documentation specifies the sweep areas of the optical sensors inside the printer as pre-print free zones. Does this "preprint-ban" also apply to UV print?
The answer is no, the printer sensors use IR light as a light source and measure the reflection from the paper. Both IR and UV-light are invisible to the human eye but because IR light is at the opposite side of the visible spectrum compared to UV, the IR detector of the sensor will not see this ink at all. 

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Caution should always be taken though! As with any new preprint we recommend running a small batch and test that with the sensor-scan of the printer ensuring enough margins exists before going to full production. (Use command ~JG with ZPL printers (KR403), and the scan function in Toolbox “Calibration and other Tools” for KPL printers (KR203 and TTP)

Please contact the Zebra supplies group for assistance in producing secure ticket/receipt media. Read More>>

The informational bulletin detailing the UV metal foil and ink is available here Read More>>


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