Installing a ZebraDesigner Printer Driver To Use With ZebraDesigner Software

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Installing a ZebraDesigner Driver to use with ZebraDesigner software

Applies To

ZebraDesigner Version 2 Software Packages


Zebra printer that utilizes current ZDesigner driver for printing. should have the printer listed and a driver download available if it is currently supported and will function with ZebraDesigner


Only ZDesigner (ZebraDesigner) drivers can be used with the ZebraDesigner software.  It is always recommended to use the current driver available for download from your printer's support page on rather than any older versions.  


You can find your printer's current driver download by visiting Support and Downloads.  Read More>>

Enter your printer model in the search box located mid-way down the Support & Downloads page as shown here. 


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Once on your printer's support page, you can click the Drivers Tab to download the driver.  

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Note: If you have loaded the Zebra Setup Utility it will preload the driver.

Always load the driver before attempting to connect the printer via USB.