Installing New Cleaning Cartridge in Zebra P330i or P430i Card Printer

Installing New Cleaning Cartridge in Zebra P330i or P430i Card Printer

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The cleaning cartridge ensure that the card is clean and free of any debris once it reaches the printhead for printing to ensure optimal image quality is printed on the card.

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Zebra P330i and P430i Card Printers.


Symptoms addressed by this solution include:

  • Cards stalling at entry roller.
  • Printed cards show evidence of debris / small particles.
  • Cards stalling even after cleaning cartridge is inserted.

Assembling and inserting cleaning cartridge into the printer.

If this is your first Zebra Card Printer, you may encounter some difficulties installing the cleaning cartridge into the printer.

  • The first step you want to take before inserting your cleaning cartridge into your printer, is to install the large roller that comes with the assembly. This will look like a small lint roller and have a protective wrap around it. As you will see, the roller slides in under the two springs and is secured into place by those springs.

  • Next remove the white protective cover sheet from the big roller of the cleaning cartridge assembly; the best way to safely remove it is by pulling on the blue tape stuck to it, once it has been removed it should reveal a tacky adhesive roller.

  • The final phase of installing a cleaning cartridge is to insert it into the printer. Lift the front cover of the printer up. At the top of the cleaning cartridge, you will see an arrow. Hold the cartridge with the arrow pointing to the rear of the printer (away from you). On the right side of the printer you will see a small slot. Insert the top corner of the cleaning cartridge into that slot, and slowly bring the cleaning cartridge down until it is sitting over the entry roller. You should feel it snap into place. The cleaning cartridge is now inserted into the printer, see diagram below:

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