Installing User Certificate via ActiveSync for EAP-TLS Authentication

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How to install a User Certificate for EAP-TLS Authentication?


Apples to All Symbol Terminals Supporting EAP-TLS


  • User Certificate installs as a Root Certificate when being installed via ActiveSync
  • The User Certificate can only be installed by connecting to theCertificate authority server and downloading it.
  • Connect to a wireless network that is not using authentication in order to connect to the CA server and download the certificate. 
  • Once the certificate is installed, you will then be able to connect and authenticate using EAP-TLS.
  1. Connect to a wireless network that has access to the EAP-TLS server, but does not require authentication.
  2. On the handheld device, click the Mobile Companion icon at the bottom right and select WLAN Profiles.
  3. Highlight the current WLAN you are connected to and click Edit.
  4. Click on Authentication and select EAP-TLS.
  5. Click on InstallàView Certificates.
  6. Click on User (client) TLS only.
  7. Enter your username in domain\user format, password and IP address of the EAP-TLS server.
  8. Click Retrieve.
  9. Once downloaded, you should now be able to connect to the WLAN that requires Authentication.

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