Jobs Do Not Clear from Spooler After Printing on Zebra Kiosk Printer

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Topic or Information

After a printing a job, the job may stay in the spooler and display the message "Sent to Printer". If the PC is rebooted, all jobs with this message starts to reprint.

Applies To

Zebra Kiosk Printers


This problem has been reported on numerous internet support forums, with multiple printers. This seems to be common with parallel interface printers. There may be an issue with Windows where a certain parallel signal is not handled properly, so Windows does not take the final step of deleting the job.

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any real solution to this. It is highly random and cannot be nailed down to a specific PC brand, cable type, or port controller. Check to ensure your parallel cables and shielding are intact, fully IEEE-1284 compliant, and not passing parallel to any AC power source or high-energy field. Ensure that all of your equipment is properly connected to ground. The only workaround is to disable bidirectional support for the printer.

Note: If bidirectional support is disabled, you cannot retrieve status information from the printer.

If this is a constant problem for you and your application, another possibility to prevent these jobs from reprinting is to write an application that runs upon boot which enumerates jobs in the spooler with the status "Sent to Printer" and manually deletes these. This type of application has not been and will not be developed by Zebra Technologies.