Kiosk Blink Code Error Conditions

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The following is an explanation of the status indicator Blink Codes

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Zebra Kiosk Printers


The status indicator shows the following:

  • If light is on constantly  this means the printer is operational.
  • If the light flashes rapidly then this would indicate an error.

Hold down the feed-forward button and the following number of blinks will reflect the status-code.

1 - Presenter jam, paper cannot be ejected / retracted.

2 - Cutter cannot return to home position.

3 - Out of paper.

4 - Print Head lifted.

5 - Paper feed error (under head).

6 - Temp error, print head is above 60 degrees (Celsius).

7 - Paper jam during present.

8 - Paper jam during retract.

10 - Black mark not found (on media load).

11 - Black mark calibration error.

Fast flashes Checksum error at firmware loading.

Steady light Wrong firmware type or target at firmware loading.

Status-codes are reset:

  1. When the conditions causing them are removed
  2. When the printer is turned off/on
  3. When the printhead is lifted and then lowered.

Blink, blink, pause, blink, blink  is the warning-code for paper low.


The warning-code is reset automatically when the condition causing it is removed.